The Best Engineers on the Planet

Whatever your engineering requirements – a single component redesign, complete press upgrade, even the creation of an entire extrusion production facility – R.L. Best engineers demonstrate their talent, attention to detail and passion for design on every single project. Utilizing the most advanced design technology, our design team is prepared to meet your most exacting requirements.


Expert Repair & Maintenance … It’s Part of Our DNA

Our extensive repair experience makes us a highly sought for reliable, on-time repair and maintenance. Either on an as needed or contract basis R.L. Best helps keep your line running at maximum capacity.

Unmatched Installation & Relocation Expertise

Proper, accurate installation of extrusion equipment in your plant is the critical first step in maintaining high productivity, requires an exceptionally high level of expertise. The same holds true for relocating and realigning the equipment. We have mobile forklifts up to 40-ton capacity and a portable gantry crane system that can lift 200 tons, so we can handle virtually any project. Our service team is ready. Call us today.

Extrusion Tooling? One of Our Specialties!

One of our special services is the manufacture of new container liner assemblies. We also have the capability of relining and reconditioning worn containers very quickly.


Short Stroke Conversion by R.L. Best Delivers Amazing Efficiency & a Healthier Bottom Line

Converting your existing presses to the short stroke forma may be one of the smartest business decisions you will ever make. The advantages, in both production capacity and overall efficiency, are tremendous. R.L. Best has mastered the art of short stroke conversion so downtime of each press is greatly minimized.

Reduced Dead Cycle Time

Reducing dead cycle time of an extrusion press means increased production, and those increases are significant – as much as 311 pounds per hour! That’s 2,488 pounds per shift. Impressive numbers to say the least. The reason for this increase is simple – the shorter the ram travels the faster the extrusion process begins and ends.

Longer Billets

Another advantage – the length of billets can be increased. This allows for optimum extrusion length. Both butt and stretcher scrap are reduced as well.


Contact R.L. Best today and learn more about the process and the advantages.


FEA – For Long Lasting Design

From the initial concept phase to the final optimized design of a machine component, R.L. Best can utilize in-house advanced Finite Element Analysis combined with Fatigue Life Analysis for an improved long-lasting design.

Extrusion Platens, Main Cylinders, Container Housings, Crosshead Ram Supports as well as other components and equipment subjected to heavy loadings, stresses and deflections can be analyzed and optimized for superior function and performance over a
prolonged service life.


No one else in America provides the combination of onsite laser scanning & press repair

Traditional alignment processes such as machinist levels, trammel rods, plumb bobs and optical tooling were once standard procedure (and in some shops they still are). Their downside, however, were often long downtimes and hit-or-miss accuracy. Today, laser trackers provide the most up-to-date inspection and alignment technology in the aluminum extrusion business, and offer an unprecedented level of efficiency, speed, and cost effectiveness.

Most accurate alignment in the industry: Measures up to .001 of an inch within 30 feet

An expert R.L. Best laser metrology engineer can capture tolerance dimensional measurements – both conventional level and square. Data is presented in real-time, allowing for necessary adjustments to be made on the spot.

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723 Bev Road
Boardman, Ohio 44512
Phone: 330-758-8601
Fax: 330-758-9413

© RL Best Company | Site designed by Keynote Media Group